Get To Know Your Customers Day 2021

Get To Know Your Customers Day - Thursday, January 21, 2021

Every year on the third Thursday of January, April, July, and October, businesses go the extra mile to delight their customers on Get to Know Your Customers Day. Customers are certainly the lifeline of any business so setting aside four days each year to get to know them, as opposed to just one, indicates the importance of keeping customers top of mind. And, we’ve all experienced being that customer, multiple times per week or even per day, when we purchase goods and services. Every Get to Know Your Customers Day brings new opportunities for businesses to better understand their customer base and increase their trust and loyalty.

While the origin of Get to Know Your Customers Day is unknown, the significance of its purpose is fully understood. Businesses thrive on the repeated patronage of their customers. Get to Know Your Customers Day is the quarterly reminder that prompts companies to understand the needs and opinions of their customer base.

Study after study clearly links a business’ success to the opinions and loyalty of its customers. Customer behaviors driven by both positive and negative experiences are predictable so taking time throughout the year to gain their perspectives is critical to success.

Customers who experience excellent service and are loyal to a brand, service or business are willing to pay more for that service or product.

On the contrary, bad customer experiences lead to not only the loss of a single customer but, more frequently in today’s digitally social world, damage to your company’s reputation. Consider these statistics of customers who have experienced poor service:

  • 47% will stop buying from a company.
  • 91% will stop without even complaining.
  • 76% believe it is easier now than ever before to take their business to a competitor.
  • 62% will share their bad experience with others.
  • It takes as many as 12 positive customer experiences to outweigh one negative.
  • Customers are more likely to take their business elsewhere due to poor service than they are over priced.

Once a customer is lost, it costs more to find a new one. Providing excellent customer service fosters customer retention and customer referrals so make the most of this opportunity to get to know your customers today.

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