Dejavoo X8

The Dejavoo X8 is one of the first terminals from the original founder of Lipman USA, the company which created the popular Nurit 2085 terminal. The X8 is dial and ethernet compatible and has an internal PINpad (must be encrypted by your processor). The X8 is a fast terminal with dual-processors, high memory, and both RS232 and USB plug-in-play peripheral attachment. This is one of our newest terminals, and is one of the more exciting and advanced terminals to hit the market. Based on the history of the original Lipman company, we full believe that Dejavoo will become one of the best brands available.

Hardware Specifications:

Graphical, 128X64 Pixels, Icons Bar

PCI Secured, EBS 100 v3 compliant, 18 Keys

PCI Certified, PTS, 3DES & RSA Algorithm, M/S & DUKPT Key Management

Card Readers:
Bi-Directional Mag Stripe reader
Built in EMV 4.0 Smart Card Reader

SAM Reader:
SAM readers: 4 SIM format OR 3 SIM format+1Full (optional)

V22, V22bis, V32, V32bis (1200, 2400, 9600, 14400 Bps) (X5, X8)
10/100 Base-T Ethernet (X8)

Dual 32-bit Core architecture
Main Processor- 32 bits ARM9
Microprocessor – 200 MHz
MMU – Secure Processor

16 Mbytes SDRAM
8 Mbytes of Flash

Peripheral Ports:
1 simple RS232 (Rx, Tx, Ground)
1 RS Pin pad
1 USB Host (X5) / 2 USB Host (X8)
1 USB Slave (X8)

Quick Reference Guides (QRG):