Fundraising Cards

Fast and easy sales! UMPA’s fundraising program is fast, easy and one of the most profitable programs available, with up to 80% of total card sales going to the organization. Unlike candy or candle sales and other fundraisers that require placing orders for delivery weeks down the road, our fundraising program offers instant return. The purchaser can use the card immediately, and can continue to use the card for a full year!

Skip The Hassles

There’s no candy to melt, no deliveries to be made, and no hassles that are common with other fundraisers.

The purchaser pays for a card, and can save hundreds of dollars at local merchants for a full year.

Easy Startup

Just have 10-12 local businesses complete the sponsor enrollment sheet listing the discount or product they are willing to offer and we do the rest! You have a successful fundraiser and the sponsoring business benefits with:

  • Free advertising
  • Repeat customers
  • No up-front cost

Reserving Their Spot

Most sponsoring businesses will ask if they can reserve a spot on your fundraiser card for the next year!

Not Your Father's Fundraiser

Next Level Fundraising

Motivate supporters. Attract business sponsors. Easily earn over 90% profit for your organization.

More Discounts

With more discounts than any other fundraising card, programs can sell to more people in and out of their area raising more money.

Easy And Simple

Make A LOT OF MONEY without having to deal with the huge time commitments and logistical nightmares

Up To 20 Merchants On Each Card

The organization wins… The merchant wins… The customer wins… A simple process to raise money.

Proven And Easy

Is your school trying to raise money to keep your sports, music and other vital after school programs alive? Does your church group need to boost donations to support local community outreach? Is your nonprofit organization looking for additional resources to supplement government grants? Fundraising and discount card programs are a proven and easy-to-implement solution to all these budget challenges.

The Preferred Choice Of Non-Profits

Plastic fundraiser cards are fast becoming the preferred choice of nonprofit groups as an effective and reliable source of funding. Offering an easy to carry plastic fundraising card is a winning triple play:

  • Supporters who buy the card have further reason to shop local and benefit from the card by saving money every time they use it;
  • Participating merchants promote their businesses for free and generate good will by sponsoring the group;
  • And, best of all, you collect more money by choosing an easy and low cost approach to raising funds

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