Gift Card Program

Not just for holidays anymore! From the large chain stores to your local hardware store, more and more merchants are offering gift cards as a great way to increase revenue and profits year round.

Easy Startup

Pick the type of program you want and UMPA does the rest.

Choose your card:

  1. Set Value – Pre-determined value with no magnetic stripe and no terminal interaction required.
    Magnetic Stripe – Can be “loaded” with any value and are swiped through the merchants terminal for transactions.
  2. Choose your quantity: Order 50 or 5,000. It’s up to you.

Bolster Your Bottom Line

Most everyone knows how gift cards work; a card is purchased to be exchanged for product at a later date.

But here’s something you might not know – gift card acceptance serves as a cash advance to your business.

Some Extra Perks

  • No percentage charged on the sale
  • Cards can be reused or resold
  • Detailed terminal and online reports
  • Flexible card designs ready in a few days
  • Implementing and tracking is automatic through existing POS

Grow Your Business

A Growing Industry

Gift cards became a 160 billion dollar industry in 2018, so what are you waiting for?

Increase Sales

Customers are known to spend upwards of almost 40% more when using gift cards

The Popularity Is Evident

Approximately 93% of Americans have been gifted a gift card or have purchased a gift card for a friend or family member.

A Simple Way To Grow Your Business

INVEST ONE TIME and reuse the cards over and over. GUARANTEED to GROW your customer base and keep reoccurring business!

A Popular Program

The popularity of gift card programs is quite evident: approximately 93% of Americans have been gifted a gift card or have purchased a gift card for a friend or family member. Gift cards can be found in businesses of all shapes and sizes, from restaurants to retail boutiques.

Get Your Own Custom Cards

As a service provider, we can make gift cards for single locations or custom-designed cards for franchises. Best of all, our comprehensive gift card service is already built into the POS system or terminal you use for payment processing, so they’re ready when you are. And if you do have a problem, we’re always available 24/7 for any technical support.

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