Legal Age Verification

Age verification instantly! Our Legal Age ID System takes the guess work out of age-restricted or controlled product sales.  All you have to do is scan or swipe the encoded information on the back of a state-issued drivers license or ID and you receive instant verification.

Compliance Made Simple

You can track employee compliance with licensing/carding requirements through detailed reports, ensuring that underage customers aren’t being sold liquor, tobacco, or any other age-restricted products.

No more fines or license suspensions from inconsistent enforcement and no costly employee training.

The Benefits Are Clear

  • Swipe or scan your customer’s ID and the terminal will print out a receipt with the exact age.
  • Your paper receipts will prove that your customer’s ID was checked.
  • Print out a declaration page for the customer to sign when ID is questionable.
  • Works with many existing POS systems.

Solutions For Every Business

UMPA offers a variety of solutions for Legal Age. Legal Age not only protects your business from identification fraud, but also promotes increased revenues and efficiencies.

Processing For Small Business

Document Authentication

Legal Age provides the latest in Driver’s License information and updates for all 50 states and Canada, reading both magstripe and 2D barcodes.

Age Verification

Legal Age gives business owners the confidence of being able to legally prove that a customer’s identification was checked and verified.

Customer Reports

Through our web based application, management has access to hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly customer and sales reports.

Client Management

Manage who frequents your establishment by being able to create guests lists based on the conditions set by your business

Easy To Manage

Clear your counters!  You now ONLY NEED ONE MACHINE to run Legal Age, Credit Cards, ATM Cards, Gift Cards, Check Service and other point of sale programming!

Become More Profitable

With Legal Age the pressure is off the business owner and employees from having to worry about underage sales and allows the store to do what makes them profitable… selling tobacco and/or alcohol!

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