Bindo POS SystemRaising The Bar For Retail ATMS

Bindo POS is a cloud-based system that allows for customers to shop online with ease irrespective of where they are using their mobile gadgets. It has integrations of customer relationship management (CRM) applications, which allows the merchant to engage positively with their clients and build relationships for ease of sale.

It has inbuilt analytics that provides an upper edge in tracking inventory and making smart decisions that relate to inventory management. Customers can order and receive items from an online store through online means. It makes buying and selling easy and thus initiates customer experience.

Bindo POS supports third party applications such as QuickBooks, Xero and ecommerce sites. It thus aims to improve the efficiency of operations of businesses thereby reducing the cost and increasing sales growth.

Bindo POS Features

Bindo POS helps local businesses grow by bringing brick and mortar sales, e-commerce, and mobile commerce to the Point of Sale. The Bindo Marketplace allows you with a single click to launch all of your products online allowing your customers to shop directly from your store in the palm of their hands.  This innovative retail technology breakthrough gives you Bindo POS – an affordable, overly competent, iPad based Point of Sale system for your business!

Bindo POS is packed with over 300 features in a beautiful, easy to use design. Get more done with ease and style.

  Register & Card Terminal
  Bindo Storefront
  Gift Cards
  Credit Card Processing

  Inventory Management
  Bindo Market
  Online Dashboard
  Multi-Store Management
  ApplePay Support

  CRM & Customer Loyalty
  Mobile POS
  QuickBooks Integration

  Analytics & Reports
  Purchase Orders
  Time Clock
  EMV Card Support
  API Integration

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