DialPayTurn Your Phone Into A POS

Turn a simple cell phone into a wireless Point-of-Sale (POS) payment processing solution for low volume Merchants.

Small Merchants with interest in wireless payment processing often cannot justify the financial outlay for dedicated wireless POS terminals. Now, these Merchants can use any telephone, even a cell phone, to accept and process electronic payments.  Dial Pay, the service that provides an efficient way to capture credit or offline debit transactions using any touchtone telephone, eliminates the burden of paper processing or the need to invest in POS terminals.

DialPay Benefits

Entry level access to Credit Card Acceptance

DialPay requires no costly investment by the Merchant, yet all the features needed to process payments are only a fingertip away. It meets the needs of the Merchants who:

⋅  Are not yet ready to make an investment in wireless POS equipment or countertop equipment.
⋅  Have offsite needs, such as residential service calls, trade shows, etc.
⋅  Process less than 50 transactions per month.

A money-saving way to process low electronic payment volume

The numbers tell the story. For Merchants with a high payment transaction volume, the cost of wireless equipment is more than offset by lower interchange fees and transaction costs. However, for Merchants with low electronic payment transaction volume, it may not be financially attractive to invest in equipment, even if interchange and transaction fees may be higher.

Simply put, the lower the volume the more financial sense it makes to use Dial Pay.

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