Merchant Services For Grocery Stores

Your grocery store is a high-volume business that sees countless debit and credit card transactions each day. With profit margins razor thin in most grocery stores to begin with, and competition from big chains fierce, it’s important for you to make sure that you’re paying as little as possible in card processing fees.

UMPA understands that supermarkets and grocery stores have unique payment needs at the point-of-sale that differentiates you from other retail markets. We offer a complete range of payment solutions designed to enhance the point-of-sale and your customer’s shopping experience. We streamline credit, debit, and EBT processing with online access to real-time transactional data.

By teaming up with UMPA, you can stay ahead of the industry shift in payments and electronic transactions. Our solutions help minimize your risks with check acceptance, and generate revenue with check cashing services. We provide enhanced debit acceptance features, including a cash back option. And you can generate revenue from our gift card programs for grocery stores and supermarkets.

Every second counts when serving a customer. We tailor solutions and products that meet your specific business needs. You can cut card transactions down to about three to four seconds, and you may make electronic card transactions even faster than cash with our solutions.

♦  Provide quick check-out for your customers
♦  Receive your funds in your bank account the next day
♦  Enjoy competitive rates
♦  View your account and reports online anytime
♦  24/7/365 Support


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