Grade-A Payment Processing for Schools

Equip your school or educational institute with the way of the future with secure payment processing by UMPA. Our payment platform is a top-notch choice for schools, because it comes with all the flexibility you need to provide your community with simple payment options for everything from tuition to donations. Let UMPA set you up with the best online payment system for public school systems, private schools, universities, vocational schools and or other education-focused organization.

With UMPA, you’ll be able to accept all major credit cards — Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Diners Club, American Express and more — in addition to electronic checks and ACH payments. What’s more, our Gateway provides you with the ability to setup either one-time or recurring payment options. When you allow for recurring payments, you will be able to assist students on payment plans as well as encourage regular donations from alumni, all with a single system.

Additionally, UMPA can supply you with useful virtual credit card processing which allows you to use the internet to process payments through your desktop, laptop and mobile device. We’ve found that schools and other nonprofit organizations find this technology very helpful at sports games, in their in-house bookstores and at any event where boosters are out and about collecting donations or selling during fundraising. This system merges seamlessly with your virtual payments for a clean, easy-to-use experience.

♦   Invoicing
♦   Online/Mobile Virtual Terminal
♦   Appointment Setting
♦   Recurring Billing

♦   Total Control of Billings
♦   Automatic Email Receipts
♦   Fast Deposits


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