SwipeSimpleTake your business with you, and make sales anywhere.

SwipeSimple is a mobile payment acceptance solution that includes:

  • A mobile chip card reader
  • Email receipts
  • Cloud-based inventory tracking and management
  • Real-time reporting tools for merchants to track

Aside from the convenience and security that SwipeSimple provides, it’s also more efficient. Contractors, for example, can accept payments onsite, or a customer can call into the office to make a payment over the phone. If someone at the business is taking card information by phone, it’s secure because the information is truncated as soon as it’s typed.

SwipeSimple Benefits

Fast and Easy Checkout
Set up purchases in seconds, and take card and cash payments quickly. Your customers sign and tip on your mobile device, and receive receipts through text or email.

Track Your Transactions On The Go
View all your past transactions in detail on your device. From here, you can perform voids, refunds, and re-send receipts to your customers.

Inventory Tracking and Management
Add, remove, and edit item details. Any updates you make are synced to all your other SwipeSimple POS terminals and web dashboard in real time.

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